Covered Masters

Master Woo

Master Woo is the founder and patriarch of the Bloodline Leather family.

For more information about his story, please click here.

Master William

“Are Master’s created or are they born that way?  My experience is that they are awakened.”  – Thom Magister, “From One Among Many:  The Seduction and Training of a Leatherman” Leatherfolk:  Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice edited by Mark Thompson, Alyson Books, 1991

I was introduced to leather through a man I was seeing, who was a member of Pegasus Motorcycle Club.  I was wary at first, fearing it would appeal to what I though of as “my dark side” at the time.  Well, it did appeal to and awaken something in me which I now consider just another side of my being.

Master Butch

Master Butch has been in the lifestyle for a number of years now. She’s seen a lot of drama, and even created some I’m sure. For now, she’s sitting back, enjoying visiting with old friends, and looking to make new ones. She’s taught some classes and mentored a few well-known people, and some not so well known in the community. She ran a local group for three years and has made and sold play equipment. She believes in protocol and the development of people in the lifestyle.

Master Billy

Master Larry

Master Larry entered the Leather life in about 2001 after meeting his partner and husband, Master Billy.  They began visiting functions produced by the Chicago Hellfire Club (Inferno).  They have been active advocates of Leather in Chicago, Wichita, Dallas, and now in Yucca Valley, CA. Master Larry’s interests and experience include spanking/caning, CBT, electrical play, urethral sounds, knife play, fire play, and masturbation edge play.

Master Handfull