Miss Vicki

One Saturday morning in 2007 Redfire sent an instant message that would change her life.  “Good morning Scottish”. Those three words lead to a marriage, acknowledging a man as her dominant, which only two men had she ever acknowledged this as.  One her father, and the other her grandfather.

A month later a drive to Lenexa just south of Kansas City confirmed her thoughts, she wanted to be with this this man, with his strong Scottish accent and a way of making her do what he wanted, even if she was honest some of those things she definitely did not want to do!

Lots of phone calls and emails occurred with days, weeks and months passing, drives back and forth to Lenexa, KS culminated with a move by this man to live with her. Very much a traditionalist he asked her father for her hand in marriage, which her father agreed too. Then after speaking with her mother and receiving a similar response he announced to her sisters and blood relatives that they were to be wed. They also found a local dungeon where she discovered not only did she enjoy being flogged, whipped and beaten but all this whilst naked in front of total strangers,, strapped to a St Andrews Cross. She also enjoyed needles, and the biggest shock of all, her submission.

It is now 2019, both Redfire and Woo have had health issues to overcome.  They did not do this alone, several members of their Leather family stepped up to the plate, brought food bought things to make the recovery easier, even so far as one person coming to live with them for a week to make sure she did not try and do too much too soon. She enjoys being around her Leather family and was recently made to acknowledge that she does have something to share, and share it she is doing.  With a gentle push from other members of the family she is now mentoring a small group of new girls, so yes my friends be careful with those instant messages, you never know where they may lead you.

Fetlife: Redfire