Master Woo

Woo has explored the outer realms of Eros for all his adult life, but it didn’t start there. At the tender age of nine his first fantasies while not as detailed as they could be due to the passage of years definitely revolved around applying a riding crop between the legs of his favorite teacher. The next milestone came in the form of The Story of O. Which in itself lead to more questions than answers, was this just fantasy or reality, did people enjoy this as much as he thought he would. Collars, Crops, floggers, buggy whips, rods, canes, branding? Dominance, submission or even consensual slavery?

After finding an ad in the personal column of a newspaper and much correspondence, he found someone that not only enjoyed the thought of such, but the actual application in a physical form as opposed to written fantasy. The next four years developed into a Daddy little girl relationship, where both parties enjoyed life to the full. During the first year of this relationship he was exposed to his first ‘adult party’. At this party he was asked “excuse me Sir but are you wooing my lady”? The term Woo stuck and has been his nickname ever since, even to the point of disappointment of some ladies at a national event asking “Master Woo isn’t Japanese?” No, sorry, Scottish born and bred.

Over the years he has been on the board of several local dungeons, serving as dungeon master and as vice president.

In 2007 one Saturday morning sat at his computer he got an instant message “Good morning Scottish” little did he know at the time those three words would lead to marriage and a move to Wichita, KS.

In 2015 with a not so gentle nudge from his Leather sister Master Butch he was encouraged to rejoin the local community after a hiatus of two years. Yes Master Butch, ultimately it is your fault. The Bloodline started off a small group of four couples that had similar wants, needs and desires, the group had no name for about a month, and one Sunday morning Redfire asked “Master, what about Bloodline Leather for the name of the group?” The four couples were asked of their opinion and all agreed.

In three short years from those original four couples The Bloodline Leather family has grown to include two chapters with the distinct possibility of a third, He could not be more proud of those that have stepped up and made a difference in their communities.

Music plays a huge part in his life, disco, opera, Scottish folk, there are not many forms of music he does not enjoy. Queen being his favorite group of all time, with his favorite lyric being “But it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race, and I ain’t gonna lose”.