Master Grumpy

At the age of 13, Grumpy was sold into slavery to Master Alton Dove of the House of Dove to serve as a house boi under Old Guard Gay Leather Principles. At the age of 18 He went into a 4 year apprenticeship under Master Alton Dove to learn to become a Dominant. Over His 49 years in the lifestyle, He had adopted the philosophy of having an altruistic belief that everyone is to be loved for who they are, accepting them whole-heartedly and offering forgiveness without judgment. He was a Teacher, a Mentor, a Guide, a Daddy and a servant to the pursuit of sharing knowledge with all those with the desire to listen and learn.

In 1998, the House of Grumpy was established for the purpose of preserving and teaching the true meaning of the Old Guard values:

What the Leather Lifestyle Means to Me

by: Master Grumpy

All of us have filled our minds and our hearts with preconceptions, expectations, prejudices, assumptions, and opinions. of what the Leather lifestyle means to us,We think we already know what it is, and you would be right, in your own opinion, However there is a wide diversity of what leather lifestyle really is it is a general belief that everyone’s own idea of what the true feeling of having one’s own life become strong and structured with the make up of belonging to a creed to a code and a family that each and everyone of our life’s has been changed by what we perceive to be a better I ideology, . Now I could expound on how I have been taught but the truth be told I know nothing that you all haven’t been taught by those closes to you and from what you were instructed in church on Sunday mornings We have a collection of leather items that we are fond of using, on a willing slave/submissive, we try to wear dark clothes because it reminds us of Our hidden nature, our darker sides What does the Leather lifestyle mean to Me > I can say one Hundred percent that In my own time I can recall Joy, Beauty, compassion, kindness, imagination, Devotion, attention to detail, having a connection, listening to your slave or Master’s . not just playing a game . not posing for the group, yes each and everyone one of us has our own ideas of how the Leather lifestyle should be, I know that When I was taught, I was told to always always be grateful that someone trust you enough to allow you to control them, I have found that when I teach and share what I know it’s nurturing to see What I have been able to give back is being remembered and used, Yeah what does the leather lifestyle mean to Me ? My Life. I am enclosing My philosophy and My house creed perhaps this will help some of you understand My discipline and My hearts yearning to be able to listen to the messages coming from all directions and that we also be willing to change our minds.


Respect – Honesty – Trust – Unity Living the Old Guard Values


The House of Grumpy was established for the purpose of preserving and teaching the true meaning of the Old Guard values. As members of the House, we embrace these values and present ourselves every day as living examples of the true spirit of Domination and submission.

O = Openness for everyone’s way of life
L = Love for all
D = Devotion to your submissive and to the Old Guard values

G = Growth and willingness to learn new techniques
U = Unity in the family of believers
A = Authoritative; be positive of that which you speak
R = Respect and responsibility
D = Discipline


It is understood that a house united will stand; a house divided will fall. In our unity, we will stand strong in our beliefs. In our unity, we will be strong in our convictions. In our unity, we will ever embrace and represent the following ideals:


In self-discipline one makes a disciple of oneself, One is one’s own teacher, trainer, coach. Give yourself an even greater challenge than the one you’re trying to master and you will develop the powers necessary to overcome the original difficulty.


Just as courage takes its stand in how you come to the aid of others, so compassion takes its stand with others in distress. Compassion is a virtue that takes seriously the reality of other people. It is an active disposition towards fellowship and sharing the love and joy that the other person feels.


Responsible people are mature people who have taken charge of themselves and their conduct, who own their actions and own-up to them—-who answer for themselves.


Friendship is a gift held on a platter, to be given with a full heart, but not easily nor lightly. No one is obligated to give friendship nor to receive it. This glorious offer may be given, but not always returned. It is unconditional and not held pending its return.


Work in this fundamental sense is not what we do for a living but what we do with our living, Work is effort applied towards some end. The most satisfying work involves directing our efforts towards achieving our ends, that we ourselves endorse as worthy expressions of our talent and character.


Standing ground against threatening things is not to be confused with being fearless. The mere inclination to do the right thing is not in itself enough. We have to know what the right thing is. We need wisdom.


Perseverance is never giving up, and believing in your cause enough to see it through to the end. (Contributed by Sir Darin)


To be honest is to be real, genuine, authentic and bona fide. To be dishonest is to be partly feigned, forged, fake, or fictitious. Honesty expresses both self-respect and respect for others. Dishonesty respects neither oneself or others.


Loyalties are important signs of the kinds of people we have chosen to become. They mark a kind of constancy or steadfastness in our attachments to those other persons, groups, institutions, or ideals with which we have deliberately decided to associate ourselves.


Faith is a source of discipline and power and meaning in the lives of the faithful. Faith contributes to the form and the content of the ideals that guide the aspirations we harbor for our own lives, and it affects the way we regard and behave with respect to others. A shared faith binds people together in ways that cannot be duplicated by other means.


Honor reflects how an individual views himself, his own value and the values of those around him. Honorable behavior constitutes a level of regard that acknowledges another person or persons as equal to oneself and deserving of the same consideration. By ensuring that the members of the House share these values, we can build an honorable and strong family.

Respectfully Master Grumpy