• Leatherati
    • Leatherati is a leather and kink community lifestyle blog.  The sheer amount of articles and information on this site is astonishing.  It’s best taken in small bites, lest you fall down the rabbit hole. 
  • sex geek, the writing of Andrea Zanin
    • Andrea Zanin is a Canadian Leather Woman of note, and a prolific writer of BDSM articles, essays, and erotica.
  • Speeches by Hardy Haberman
    • This is a list of the majority of Hardy Haberman’s public speeches.  We’ll add more as we gain access to them.  Hardy also has several interviews and talks on YouTube that are worth your time.  
  • TibalVibe with Papa Tony
    • Papa Tony is a Leather Man with over forty years of experience. This is a collection of his memoirs and an archive of kink mentoring.
  • Tribute to Robert Davolt
    • Robert Davolt was an excellent author, educator, and Leather Man who, sadly, passed away in 2005.  I’m not sure what it is about this guy but his style of writing hits me where it counts. 
  • Why Old Guard
    • David Masterson examines the Old Guard from, what seems like, a researcher’s perspective. He asks: How do we give credence to what we do, when our past isn’t clear? Better yet, when we make allusions to our leather fore fathers, what do we mean?


The following books were recommended by Covered Masters, or Council Members.  An excellent (inexpensive) source for these books is AbeBooks.

  • Leatherfolk:  Radical Sex, People, Politics, and Practice by Mark Thompson.  ISBN:  9781555831875
  • Urban Aboriginals:  A Celebration of Leathersexuality by Geoffrey Mains.  ISBN:  9781881943181