Bloodline Leather Guidelines

To Become a Member

Persons wishing to become a member of the Wichita Bloodline Leather family must express that desire to a local Council member, or Patched Member, and receive the Council’s approval.  Once completed, that person will be considered as a Hang Around.

Hang Arounds are expected to attend family meetings and social events over a minimum of a 6-month period.  At the end of this time period Hang Arounds will be assessed as per the Bloodline Leather Wichita Charter.   Once a Hang Around has been assessed, they may be asked to move forward and become a Prospect, or they may be asked to continue as a Hang Around.

Prospects are expected to continue attending family meetings and social events for a minimum of 6 months.  They are expected to complete a project.   Projects involve a significant contribution to the community and are done under the guidance of Patched members, Officers, and Elders.  Once the above items are completed, Prospects will be assessed by Wichita’s Bloodline Leather Council.  Upon assessment, the Prospect may be invited to become a Patched member.