Who We Are

The Bloodline is a Leather family dedicated to supporting our community through activism and education.

We interpret Leather Values according to these principles by which we live:

  • Honesty – We are impeccable with our words. We choose our words carefully so that we speak the truth, every time, in every context.
  • Integrity – We can be trusted by the family and by the community. In all parts of our lives, we live authentically by our Leather Values. We observe community laws and expect personal responsibility and accountability in all relationships. We can be trusted to do what’s right, by the family and by the community.
  • Loyalty – We act in all circumstances to preserve the best interests of each individual family member and the Bloodline as a whole family. We respect and honor our history, the leaders of our family, and the leaders of the Leather community.
  • Community – We honor our history and traditions, encourage the maturity, and support the evolution and growth of a diverse, sex positive, BDSM and Leather community inclusive of all gender identities and safe, sane and consensual play preferences. We respect the reputation, privacy and confidentiality of community members, and will act to preserve the integrity of the community.
  • Radical Sexuality – We are sex-positive and inclusive in our speech and our consensual play.